Selected plants

We also have a selection of outdoor ornamental plants that do not require excessive and frequent care and their maintenance is easy.


Shrub of Asian or Mexican origin with evergreen foliage and branched habit; the tubular flowers are white or pink and open from June to October. It prefers soil that is not too dry, tolerates any type of pruning and is resistant to diseases and parasites.

Abies Excelsa

A tree native from mountain forests, from the Pyrenees to the Alps, up to the Balkans, it has an erect pyramidal shape with persistent dark green needles, used above all as a Christmas tree.

Abies Nordmanniana

Tree that comes from the Caucasus, with a perfectly conical shape, bright green foliage used as a Christmas tree in different heights available.

Aucuba Japonica

Shrub of Chinese origin, with persistent green or yellow marbled leaves, produces large, long-lasting red berries. Resistant even in acid soils and in positions with little exposure to the sun.

Castanea sativa

Deciduous tree native from Western Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, with bright green and yellow foliage in autumn. Flowering begins in June – July and is followed by chestnut production in October – November.


Deciduous shrub native to North America with green or variegated foliage that takes on pink-red colors in autumn, flowering from April, it is resistant to all types of soil, as long as it is not calcareous.


Shrub with many species and varieties, the most common are: erica calluna with autumn flowering, erica darleyensis with flowering from January to early March and erica canaliculata with flowering from February – March, it is the least resistant to the cold.


Shrub from Japan, China and Korea, persistent and ornamental foliage with various green, yellow, white colors depending on the variety. Resistant to all types of soil, even sandy ones, as long as they are draining.


Shrub native from north-eastern Europe, it is evergreen with foliage, depending on the variety, intense green or green edged with golden yellow. The berries it produces in autumn are characteristic and turn coral red during the winter. Resistant to cold and pruning, it prefers moist, well-drained soil.


Compact shrub with persistent green, red and yellow foliage depending on the variety and climatic conditions.


Shrub originating from China and Japan, with persistent green-red foliage, the flowering, with red and fuchsia colored ribbon-like petals, lasts from spring to mid-summer. It is suitable for fertile and well-drained soil.


Plant native to the Far East, deciduous and flowering in early spring before putting on its leaves. Depending on the variety, they can have star-shaped flowers and plants with a compact habit or tulip-shaped flowers with shrub-like plants.


Compact, evergreen shrub with decorative foliage due to the pink, orange, green and yellow colors depending on the vegetative stage, there are some varieties with small, fragrant flowers.


Rhyncospermum Tricolor is a jasmine with three-coloured leaves, the youngest ones are white and pink, as they mature they turn green with marble veins, in winter they turn intense red. Its main use is as a ground cover or hanging plant. It loves full sun exposure but also tolerates partial shade well, has no particular needs in terms of soil (provided it is well drained) and adapts perfectly to pot cultivation.

Rhyncospermum Summer Sunset is an evergreen ground cover and climbing shrub, with yellow-green-orange foliage. During the winter the leaves turn different shades of ruby ​​red. Very robust and strong, it tolerates frost and snow well.


An evergreen Chinese shrub, it produces fragrant flowers in bunches from January followed by small dark red fruits. It requires moist, well-drained, non-calcareous soil.


Evergreen shrub with a compact habit, in autumn it forms red panicles that last all winter and bloom in March April with small white fragrant flowers.


Conifer native from Japan, slow-growing conical with evergreen needles, the soil must be light and permeable, not calcareous.

Viburnum Tinus

Shrub native to the Mediterranean with a compact habit and persistent foliage, from November it is covered with pink buds which open in February with white flowers. It also lives in poor and arid soil.


A deciduous climber native from Japan with cluster flowering from May to June, it adapts to almost all soils except those that are too compact or stagnant.

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