Hedge plants

Hedge plants protect from the wind and give you privacy, they are ideal for a green and flowery garden all year round. You can choose the types of hedge plants based on the function they will perform and the characteristics you are looking for.


Conifer from England with a conical shape and evergreen foliage. It tolerates any type of soil and pruning, it is widely used for the creation of hedges.

Photinia Red Robin

Shrub native from New Zealand, it has an upright habit with persistent foliage which takes on a ruby ​​red color during the vegetation phase from spring to autumn, widely used for hedges because it has fast and compact growth.

Prunus laurocerasus

Shrub native from Caucasus, upright evergreen, widely used for high hedges, it tolerates heavy pruning and prefers moderately dry soils to those that are too humid, it grows fast.

Ryncospermum Jasminoides

Climber originating from China and the Himalayas, it has persistent dark green foliage, abundant flowering from May to July, white in color and very fragrant, used for the formation of espaliers, pergolas, flowering walls and hedges.

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