The azalea has found its habitat in our privileged areas, in spring it enchants with blooms in gardens and terraces. It is the ideal gift for special days.

Azalea indoor

Persistent leaf shrub, compact and shiny foliage, used as a garden plant in mild climates, otherwise for balconies or interiors. It flowers from March to May, prefers acid, calcium-free and well-drained soils.

Azalea japonica outdoor

Shrub of Japanese origin, with persistent foliage, blooms begin in March until May, available in various colors depending on the variety. It prefers acid, calcium-free and well-drained soils.

Azalea mollis

Deciduous shrub, its peculiarity is the fragrant flowering which lasts from April to May, before the leaves develop, as well as the colors which range from bright shades of yellow and orange to red.

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