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We produce acidophilic: camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons, maples, hydrangeas typical of the Lake Maggiore tradition and other minor essences.


The camellia, an excellent plant grown on the shores of Lake Maggiore, has very ancient origins. It is a plant characterized by many colors and floral shapes, available in different sizes.


The azalea has found it’s habitat in our privileged areas, in spring it enchants with blooms in gardens and terraces. It is the ideal gift for special days.


Rhododendron is an essence of very ancient origin, thriving in areas with a temperate climate. They too boast numerous varieties and colors.


Numerous varieties of maple exist and are cultivated in different way from each other in the shape and color of the leaves. In autumn they take on fantastic shades ranging from intense red to golden yellow to orange. This plant is used in gardens in groups or in isolated form.


Hydrangea is an ornamental shrub plant native to China, Korea and Japan, it is the ideal plant for obtaining long-lasting flowering in gardens, balconies and terraces. You can discover the beauty of the pink, blue, white, red flowers and the different shapes from round to panicle here.

Hedge plants

The hedge plants protect from the wind, give privacy  and are ideal for a green and flowery garden all year round. In the varieties you can choose the types of hedge plants based on the function they will perform and the characteristics you are looking for.


Nandina can have multiple uses for the foliage of changing color, over the seasons, and for the red berries, present in winter. It can be used as a single shrub, or for the composition of even mixed flowerbeds. It grows quickly and adapts very well to the mild climate of the countries of the Mediterranean basin, such as Italy.


Kalmia is grown in gardens and parks as an ornamental plant because it is resistant to cold temperatures and because it creates a beautiful green – reddish brown stain. It is an acidophilic plant that combines well with other similar plants. The flowers are small, round, flat, pink or white in color with punctiform streaks of a deeper colour.

Pieris Japonica

It is one of the most widespread species as an ornamental plant, they are medium-sized shrubs that remain dense and dense even without pruning of any kind. The varieties typically have very showy colored foliage, cherry red, orange, or even intense yellow, which makes the shrubs decidedly very decorative. The flowers are white, they bloom in early spring, in long pendulous racemes.

Selected plants

We also have a selection of ornamental outdoor plants that do not require excessive and frequent care and their maintenance is easy!

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